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Build A 64-Bit Server On A Budget

Intel Server Motherboard

The motherboard is the single most expensive component when building a budget 64-bit server. In any environment in which a server is being deployed to manage production responsibilities, don't skimp and purchase a desktop board. Server-specific motherboards help maximize performance and redundancy (via integrated RAID support).

For this sub-$800 64-bit platform build, I chose an Intel Server Board model S3200SHV. This board supports 800/1066/1333MHz bus speeds, very fast CPU performance (up to a multi-core Intel Xeon 3000 sequence processor), four DIMM slots for DDR2 667/800MHz RAM, gigabit Ethernet, Intel System Management Software 2.0 management support, six SATA ports at 3.0/Gbps with embedded RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10, four PCI buses, PCI Express compatibility and integrated graphics.

I paid $239 for this motherboard.

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By Erik Eckel

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