Configure Microsoft Windows Home Server to allow remote access

WHS Remote Access

Once you have completed this set up you can access your Windows Home Server from anywhere with an Internet connection. Windows Home Server does require you to use Internet Explorer as your browser to access all of the functionality however. You can access your home server by typing in your dynamic DNS name or your routers WAN IP address into your Web browser, using the HTTPS:// prefix.

You will be prompted with a certificate error, but you can safely ignore this as you know that you are connecting to your Home Server. Unfortunately, at this time Microsoft has not release a fix for this yet. You will be greeted with a welcome screen, and a prompted to log in. You must log in with a user account granted remote access privileges.

From here you select the Computers tab to remote into any PC in your home network. You will see all your PCs listed, and whether they are available for remote connections.