Convert DVDs to a mobile format with these five tools

DVD Decrypter 1

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Today's tablets, smartphones, and portable media players make it possible to take movies with you on the go. Most of these types of devices have access to a movie library through which consumers can purchase or rent movies. That's great if you want to watch the latest new release, but if you have some old classics on DVD you probably aren't keen on the idea of paying for the same movie twice. DVD ripping software can solve this problem by allowing you to extract a movie from DVD and convert it to a format that you can watch on a mobile device. This article lists five DVD ripping products.

Before I Begin

Before I get started, I need to keep the lawyers happy by explaining that digital piracy is a crime and that none of these products should be used for illegal purposes.

DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is a free product that has been around for quite some time. In spite of its age, it seems to work really well for ripping all but the latest movies. The software is designed to be paired with another free utility called RipIt4Me. RipIt4Me is a wizard that greatly simplifies the DVD ripping process. In fact, the wizard even provides a one click mode that makes ripping a DVD really simple.

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