Cracking Open the Acer Iconia Tab A510

Iconia Tab A510 teardown

I cracked open the Acer Iconia Tab A500 last August. And I gave it high marks for having an easy-to-open case, replaceable battery, and a decent internal hardware layout.

But, I disliked Acer's overuse of what appeared to be Kapton tape and the fact that the LCD and front panel were difficult, if not impossible, to separate.

Eight months later, Acer is back with an updated model--the Iconia Tab A510. What's inside this new Iconia Tab? Follow along as I find out.

For a detailed analysis of the teardown, check out my article and video, Iconia Tab A510 teardown reveals positives and negatives for DIY repair.

Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
Caption by: Bill Detwiler

By Bill Detwiler

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