CrossLoop adds file transfer to its free collaboration application

By Mark Kaelin

A new version of CrossLoop is poised for release.

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When TechRepublic first reviewed CrossLoop back in March 2007, we were impressed by the application's ability to connect any two personal computers with a broadband Internet connection for the purposes of collaboration. Using a simple graphical interface to mask the underlying TightVNC protocols, the application performed complicated interactions while presenting the user with a simple box containing an access number and a connect button.

However, that first version of CrossLoop was fairly limited in overall functionality. The two PCs could see each other's screens and open and close windows and applications, but that was about it. Now, there is a new version of CrossLoop about to be released that will add several features users have been asking for, including peer-to-peer file transfers. In this exclusive look at the most recent release candidate, TechRepublic takes CrossLoop 1.1 for a test drive.

By Mark Kaelin

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