Evolution: The Right Tool for the Job?

The Main Screen

By Jack Wallen

Evolution is the open source answer to Outlook. With all the necessary features necessary in a corporate environment, and the stability that comes along with seasoned open source software, Evolution just might be the solution for your Outlook blues.

Read a concise summary of Evolutions' strengths and weaknesses.

The Tool

The main window in Evolution is the Mail window. As you can see there are two side bars and two main panes. The two side bars are the folder tree view (on top) and the application switcher (on the bottom) which allows you to switch from one application to another. NOTE: The switcher panel is not active by default. In order to see this tool you have to go to View then Switcher Appearance and then uncheck the Hide Buttons option. The panes are: Email list which gives you a complete listing of the emails you have received and the Preview pane which is where you read your email.

By Jack Wallen

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