Big Data

Five Apps: Advanced tools for analyzing big data

Datameer 1

Five Apps

1. Datameer

Datameer is, on its surface, a basic analysis tool. It has a spreadsheet-like interface and contains many of the same charts and graphs. However, it surpasses Excel and other spreadsheet programs by allowing the user link to active data sources as well as import flat files as well as joining two tabs together into a third, much like you join tables in a database.

It also is much more column-focused than a spreadsheet - the tasks you perform, such as Group Bys, are all done with reference to a column and occupy a column of their own on the destination sheet. Since it is so columnar, you can also drag-and-drop columns into charts and graphs easily instead of having to specify ranges like in Excel. Charts and graphs come with many configuration options including manual colors, font sizes, layout, and positioning.

The final feature of Datameer is Smart Analytics which includes Clustering, Decision Trees, Recommendations (Heat Charts), and Column Dependencies tools. Datameer starts at $299/year for a single user and has Workgroup and Enterprise licensing available.

Credit: Image by Wally Bahny for TechRepublic