Five Apps: Catalog anything for free

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Five Apps

1. Datacrow

Datacrow is often listed as one of the best in breeds for this category - and with good reason. With Datacrow you can catalog movie, video, books, images, games, software, music, and more. Other features include: Create your own collection module, manage what you've loaned out, connect with online services (such as,, and more), make use of reporting tools, file information importing and more. Datacrow is a cross-platform application (Windows, Mac, Linux) that is written in Java (which to some could be a deal breaker). So, in order to get Datacrow to work, you will need a JRE installed on the machine. One thing to like about the project is that the developer, Robert Jan van der Waals, has made the source code very readily available on his site and has invited users to make feature requests and report bugs.

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