Five noteworthy PowerPoint add-ons

Office Timeline 2010

Office Timeline 2010, also designed for PowerPoint 2007/2010, lets you create schedules and timelines for project planning and tracking purposes. The big selling point with this one is simplicity, both in building a timeline and in interpreting what's represented on it. And oh yeah, it's also free.

When you launch PowerPoint after installing Office Timeline, it will display a tutorial slide show that runs through the Timeline basics, followed by a series of useful sample timelines. It's worth buzzing through the tutorial just to get a sense of what you can do with the tool -- everything from event planning to waterfall development to a product launch schedule.

Like PowerMockup, the Office Timeline tool adds a tab to the PowerPoint Ribbon. To create a timeline, switch to this tab and click New to launch the New Timeline Wizard. After you've created your timeline, you can use the tools on the Timeline tab to fine-tune it. The results are bright, splashy, and easy to read.

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