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Five of the better desktop ebook readers

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As a writer of both technical documentation and fiction, the ebook reader has become crucial to my success. It's not just the writer that benefits from ebook reader. The IT administrator, engineering staff, and even end users stand to gain from these great tools. But when most people think about ebooks, they think of Kindles, NOOKS, and iPads. What most don't realize is there are desktop versions of ebook readers as well. Where are these ebook readers? You'd be surprised.

I have found five such tools. Let's take a look at each and see if one of them will suit your needs.

Five Apps

1. Calibre

Calibre is probably the finest desktop ebook reader available. Calibre not only allows the reader to read ebooks, it also allows the writer to convert .html documents into beautiful ebooks that can be published through both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Credit: Images by Jack Wallen for TechRepublic

By Jack Wallen

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