Photos: 25 bad tech gifts to avoid giving this holiday season

Apple AirPods

There are several reasons to avoid gifting a pair of Apple AirPods. The most obvious is the price: $159, which is bordering on ludicrous pricing for a pair of earbuds. Second, and much less well-known, is the fact that AirPods don't support the newest standard in Bluetooth audio: aptX.

aptX gives wireless headphones more range, better sound quality, and less latency, and while it can be argued whether it's a necessary feature of Bluetooth earbuds, it can't be argued that Apple is charging aptX prices for a product with inferior sound quality. iPhones aren't compatible with aptX, so aptX-compatible headphones won't improve iPhone sound quality.

Do your gift recipient a favor and get them a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds if they have an Apple device.

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Image: Apple

By Brandon Vigliarolo

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