Gallery: Augmented reality takes flight in iPhone app

Air travellers passing through Copenhagen can now take advantage of an augmented reality iPhone app, jointly developed by the Danish capital's airport, developer Novasa and air transport IT company Sita. <a href="">presents the details</a> in this gallery.

Augmented reality is a term that refers to technology that superimposes computer-generated content over live images viewed through cameras. The technology, which has been used in gaming and in military applications on computers, has been around for years. It's expected to be the next wave of mobile innovation.

The app allows travellers to find information about the main airport terminal by using the camera on their iPhone. When the camera is pointed in a certain direction, it shows points of interest such as shops and restaurants in the screen's view, as shown above.

Photo: Sita Lab

Captions: Tim Ferguson

By Sonja Thompson

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