Gallery: The 10 biggest business hacks of 2016

Business hacks are expensive but preventable

Hacks are costly for small business, massive enterprise corporations, and government agencies. According to ZDNet in 2016 nearly 3,000 hacks resulted in the public disclosure of 2.2 billion sensitive records. Nearly all of these records were or are still available to purchase on the Dark Web and hacker forums like (link requires Tor).

Because they lack the resources of enterprise corporations, small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Data recovery firm Carbonite claims that hacks cost business $82,200 to $256,000 per incident. "Small business owners are becoming an increasingly critical part to our economy and it's crucial that their security is taken into account as much as larger organizations," said Carbonite's chief evangelist Norman Guadagno in a recent interview with TechRepublic.

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Enterprise companies and government organizations face vulnerabilities from "external and internal threats, viruses and ransomware, and foreign cyberattacks," Guadagno said. Breaches can cost millions in material and brand damages and expose massive piles of sensitive records. The high stakes of a potential hack, Guadagno said, should be a reminder that cybersecurity must be "a big priority for [business] owners."

One of the best ways to protect your own business is to learn about previous attacks, Guadagno advised. Use the arrows on the images above to toggle through a list of 2016's biggest business and government hacks.

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By Dan Patterson

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