Gallery: What are tech, business, and academic leaders saying about the explosive growth of AI?

​Mark Cuban: Automation is the end of manufacturing

Cuban hasn't been quiet about his disapproval of President Trump, and his position on automation and AI isn't likely to bring the two any closer together. In an interview on CNBC the Dallas Mavericks owner said he doesn't believe manufacturing can ever be brought back.

"I'm willing to bet that any of these companies that are building new manufacturing plants . . . are going to end up leading to fewer people being employed. That those companies that are building these new plants -- they're not going to end up having more employees in two or three or four years. They're going to end up having less. And there's nothing President Trump can do to stop that because trends in technology -- machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, etc. -- [are] changing the nature of work."

Image: CNET

By Brandon Vigliarolo

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