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GFI Network Server Monitor: The Right Tool for the Job?

Setup: Enter license key

By Paul Mah

Anyone who has ever been a system administrator or network manager can appreciate a tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently check on the health of the various components of your network. I decided to find out whether GFI Network Server Monitor was the Right Tool for the Job.

Read a concise summary of GFI Network Server Monitor's strengths and weaknesses.

GFI Network Server Monitor is no end-user software, and I don't normally step through the installation process. However, some of its installation options bear mention. Here the setup process prompts you to enter your license key during the installation phrase. Not to worry, though: it defaults to an evaluation key, which is valid for 10 days. Note that the free registration will give you a license key that is valid for 30 days as well. Both evaluation key and free 30-day trial license key unlock a full-featured version of the product.

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