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Hands-on with the Google Chrome Development Tools

Recording a session in Timeline

After several seconds of capturing, you can click the record button again to stop the timeline recording session, the circle will change back to gray. I let the record session in this demonstration run for about 12 seconds.

The top level view shows the events which have been recorded and are grouped into three categories. The timeline for Loading is represented with a blue line, Scripting is a yellow line, and Rendering is a purple line. The Loading category records all network-related events. The Scripting category includes JavaScript execution upon various events, and Rendering calculates CSS rendering and paint-related activities as they are loaded. The top area also includes a resizable sliding window.

The center area lists a set of records, and these records have titles to the left and timeline bars to the right. Hover over a record or clicking over an event provides details on the events, as shown with the Send Request record.

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