How do I... Configure and use Windows Meeting Space?

By Mark Kaelin

Windows Meeting Space start

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In a previous TechRepublic blog, we examined the latest features of the CrossLoop beta version. That free collaboration software application allowed two computers to collaborate and share encrypted information over the Internet. That application was very easy to configure and use and is one of our favorite free tools here in the TechRepublic offices.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft Windows Vista includes a similar collaborative application called the Windows Meeting Space. This application comes with the operating system at no additional cost and can connect up to 10 users at a time in a collaborative environment. The key difference between CrossLoop and Windows Meeting Space is that the parties connecting in Meeting Space have to be on the same network. The ability to connect does not extend beyond the local network to include the Internet. The other significant restriction is that Windows Meeting Space requires that all of the connected devices must be using Windows Vista.

The first time
Windows Meeting Space is located with many of the other Vista applets and applications. The easiest, and probably the best, way to start the application is by typing the key words into the Vista desktop search box on the Start Menu.

By Mark Kaelin

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