How do I... Create and use a Microsoft CardSpace personal digital identification card?

By Mark Kaelin

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Digital identification and, more importantly, the ability to exchange certified digital information, is the mantra of many network security strategies. With the proliferation of open communications networks, access to systems and data boils down to whether the system recognizes who is connected to the network more than whether that person can be granted access in the first place.

Many companies are vying to establish a standard way to create, authenticate, and transmit digital identification, but no solution has been able to establish control of the market. Microsoft's solution to digital identification is CardSpace. The company has begun rolling out this identification scheme to many of its Web sites. An individual using Windows Vista can create a personal CardSpace card that they can use to identify themselves to Web sites. This How do I... shows you how create a personal card and then how to pass it on to a Web site requesting the information.

By Mark Kaelin

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