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How do I... Create desktop icons in KDE and GNOME?

Average users might not have the slightest idea where to begin here

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One would think the creation of icons on a desktop would be a simple matter of dragging and dropping or have the icon created upon installation of a program. That's all fine and good but what about a program that was installed during the operating system installation (remember, Linuxinstalls thousands of applications at install)? I have many applications that I use on a daily basis that are installed by default but have no desktop icon. Instead of having to scour the menu hierarchy I would much rather click an icon and have that program launch.

One such program that I use on a daily (almost hourly) basis is a terminal. But for some reason the creators of the major Linux desktops do not, by default, have a desktop icon or task bar launcher set up for a terminal. Why this is I will never know. But never fear; we can set those up fairly quickly in both KDE and GNOME.

Let's start with a clean desktop. This screenshot shows the default KDE (version 3.5.8) desktop. There's nothing there.

By Jack Wallen

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