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How do I... Install Windows Vista in a Mac OS X environment using VMware Fusion?

By Steven S. Warren

Begin VMware Fusion

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It is indeed possible to run both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X at the same time on a single personal computer. The key is VMware Fusion, a virtualization platform that allows you to run Windows in an OS X environment. This How do I... shows you how to install Windows Vista in an OS X environment and run both operating systems in full screen at the same time using two monitors. If you currently own an Intel Mac and want to run Windows alongside OS X, this tutorial is for you.

Note: I have a dual desktop configuration with my iMac. I run OS X on one monitor and Windows in full-screen mode on the other monitor. It provides me with the best of both worlds.
Let's begin.
  1. Open VMware Fusion from the dashboard of OS X. Click the New button to begin to create a Windows Vista virtual machine.