How do I... Synchronize a Google calendar with an Outlook 2007 calendar?

Google calendar applet

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Ask just about anyone if they are as organized as they would like to be and the answer is likely to be an unequivocal "No." For information technology professionals, the answer may not be suitable for polite conversation.

Keeping track of meetings, tasks, events, and everything else in between is often handled by a calendar application like Microsoft's Outlook 2007. But, if you are like me, you want that calendar information to be available, up to date, and accessible at any time. Well, there are ways to make that commonly used application more useful by synchronizing it with a Web-based calendar like the one found on Google.

As you can probably guess, getting that synchronization to happen is not as simple as just clicking a button, but the configuration is not too onerous.

Google calendar
The first step is to establish a Google account and navigate to the Calendar applet. The screen should look similar to this image. Note: this is a brand new feature on Google so there may still be a few kinks to iron out.

By Mark Kaelin

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