How do I... Use the PhotoSync Add-in with Windows Home Server?

By Shawn Morton

PhotoSync is a new Microsoft Windows Home Server Add-in written by Ed Holloway that allows you to configure your WHS Photos folder (or any subfolder you specify) to automatically upload your photos to Flickr.

Here is the process for installing and using PhotoSync.

Download and install PhotoSync
The obvious first step is to download PhotoSync and copy the PhotoSyncBeta1.msi to the Software | Add-Ins folder.NOTE: This is done from any client PC connected to your WHS machine, not from the server.

Simply open the Software | Add-ins share that WHS created when you first setup WHS on the client machine and drag the PhotoSyncBeta1.msi file there.

Open the WHS console from a client PC.

This gallery is also available as a TechRepublic download and as a TechRepublic article.