How to create a floppy drive image for a virtual machine

Select redirection options

The Client Device option is an extension of the vSphere Client installed on an administrator's or virtual machine user's desktop. Clicking the virtual floppy icon and following the menu allows the user to specify a number of virtual machine floppy drive redirection options.

The "Connect to A:" option will map the floppy drive of the system that the vSphere Client is running to the virtual machine. A floppy image can also be mapped from the vSphere Client using the "Connect to floppy image on local disk" instead of uploading the image to a VMFS datastore.

The other options to connect to the host’s floppy drive (if installed) as well as map a .FLP file can be done from the vSphere Client. These two options are a bit smoother than going back into the virtual machine inventory to make the same change.

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Rick Vanover is a software strategy specialist for Veeam Software, based in Columbus, Ohio. Rick has years of IT experience and focuses on virtualization, Windows-based server administration, and system hardware.

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