Data Centers

Inside the Cold War bunker that's now a cloud datacentre

How many datacentres greet visitors with the empty sockets of twin machine gun ports, shown here?

The site's military origins also explain why DK2 is practically invisible to motorists leaving the Swiss town of Altdorf, the place where Wilhelm Tell is supposed to have shot the apple from his son's head.

With the end of the Cold War and the thawing political climate, l'Armée suisse decided it could manage with a smaller and more economic command-and-control centre and sold off the bunker to Radix Technologies' sister company, Deltalis, in 2007.

Deltalis is the D in the site's DK2 name - Deltalis Kaverne Zwei. DK1 is in the French part of Switzerland and is not used as a datacentre.

In fact the bunker predates the Cold War. According to Grouitch, it was used as an underground factory making Willys-Overland Motors Jeep parts in the aftermath to WWII.

By Toby Wolpe

Toby Wolpe is a senior reporter at TechRepublic in London. He started in technology journalism when the Apple II was state of the art.