Data Centers

Inside the Cold War bunker that's now a cloud datacentre

The bunker has not been stripped of all its former military paraphernalia. Apart from fully equipped army kitchens and cold rooms, the map room and control console in the second cavern is still intact and functional, as shown here.

At the press of a button on the console, the large-scale maps still move up and down. They would have been updated with plots of troop movements and dispositions in this room, and then moved upstairs to the waiting generals and military strategists.

At the left at the far end of the control room is what must have been a signals centre that still contains a full-size Faraday cage cubicle for secure transmissions.

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Toby Wolpe is a senior reporter at TechRepublic in London. He started in technology journalism when the Apple II was state of the art.

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