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LEGO Architecture exhibit visits The Henry Ford

LEGO Architecture: Chicago

The last six buildings make up a cross section of what could have been the Chicago Skyline. Instead, however, both the Chicago Spire and 7 South Dearborn were never built. Here are the stats on the various models in this collection (from left to right -- Marina City is the identical pair):

  • Sears Tower, which is now known as Willis Tower: 9'6", 5,850 pieces, 20 hours to design, 50 hours to build
  • Chicago Spire: 10'0", 17,450 pieces, 150 hours to design, 200 hours to build
  • Marina City: 4'0", 9,100 pieces, 60 hours to design, 120 hours to build
  • Trump Tower Chicago: 8'0", 11,100 pieces, 40 hours to design, 80 hours to build
  • 7 South Dearborn: 10'6", 6,400 pieces, 50 hours to design, 30 hours to build
  • John Hancock Building: 9'0", 9,850 pieces, 40 hours to design, 80 hours to build

Photo of LEGO Architecture exhibit by Wally Bahny for TechRepublic