Monitor computer usage with Network LookOut Administrator Professional

Installation Window

The Network LookOut Administrator Professional product provides you with a way to see live screens of remote computers, including servers, employees, student machines and more. Using this tool, you can monitor computer usage in your organization to make sure that users are adhering to organizational policies, or you can use the tool to provide help desk assistance over the phone while making sure that the user is not having trouble following your steps.

Network Lookout Administrator Professional captures the physical console environment and redirects the output to a remote workstation. The product does not use a virtual desktop. Further, communication between the client and the host can be encrypted in order to protect your organization's information.

The main installation window of Network Lookout gives you two options:
  • Install the console application -- Use the option to install a management application and viewer.
  • Install the client agent -- Use this option to install the client agent that communicates with the console.

Network LookOut Administrator Professional is available as a download from the TechRepublic Software Library.

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By Scott Lowe

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