Monitor computer usage with Network LookOut Administrator Professional

The Menu button

The Menu button provides a number of options that help you to use the product more effectively.
  • Zoom Remote Screen -- Shows the remote screen full-size. This is a view-only mode.
  • Remote Control -- This also shows the remote client at full-size, but is also interactive.
  • Save screenshot -- If you see something particularly interesting on the remote client, use this option to save a copy of the screen.
  • Tools -- I'll talk about this soon.
  • Connect/Disconnect -- If you're connected to a client, disconnect and vice versa.
  • Properties -- Open the Properties page for the client. This is the same window that you see when you choose to add a new computer.
  • Add Computer Group -- If you have a number of monitored computers, it's easier to find a particular system when the entire list is organized. Therefore, you can add a group into which you can place individual monitored clients.
  • Add Computer -- Add another computer to the list of monitored systems. Add Group of LAN Computers -- Add monitored clients en masse. I'll show this to you in a bit.
  • Remove -- Remove the computer from the management console. Note that this does not uninstall the remote computer's client.
  • Remote Agent Installation/Configuration -- Remotely configure this computer's client. You are prompted for a user name and password when you choose this option.

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