Must-have Android apps, according to Donovan Colbert


"Foursquare is among my favorite class of apps, multi-platform applications that exist, and work well, on Android, iOS, and other platforms (including the web-browser on your desktop, netbook or notebook PC).

"The image shows my FourSquare 'ME' tab. I've obscured personally identifiable information – but in real time I can 'check-in' to a location. That information is published to my Foursquare Friends' list.

I can also direct the feeds to Facebook and Twitter if I'm encouraging CyberStalkers. There are rewards for frequently Checking-in. If you've got the most check-ins at a site, you get a Mayorship. You can also unlock badges."

Image credit: Donovan Colbert

By Sonja Thompson

Sonja Thompson started at TechRepublic in October 1999. She is a former Senior Editor at TechRepublic.