Must-have Android apps, according to Donovan Colbert

SwiftKey Beta

"Finally, as anyone who has used an iOS device and an Android device will tell you, the Android default virtual keyboard isn't very good. Fortunately, because you have an Android, you can pick from a variety of other keyboards, and you're not limited to doing it only the way Google thinks you should. In this case, it means finding a keyboard that is close to possible to the virtual keyboard that Apple thinks should be the only choice on their iOS devices.

"This image shows SwiftKey Beta, which is currently a hot alternative Android keyboard I'm trying out. It has predictive technology that scans your SMS messages to determine your writing style, which is supposed to give it uncannily accurate predictive abilities. It walks a much finer line in crossing into Apple's intellectual property than Google seems willing to go, and that's a good thing.

"Unfortunately, Android warns you that apps like this could be collecting your keystrokes, which - along with the way it scans your SMS messages - might turn off some of the more privacy-minded Android users out there."

Image credit: Donovan Colbert

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