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NASA Images: More desktop wallpaper from the space program

Shuttle Discovery launch

Last week's NASA-based desktop wallpaper gallery was so popular we thought you would like to see more examples of the kind of images available for free from the NASA website.

Please, keep in mind this is just a sampling – there are thousands of images available if you want to check them out. This week's gallery is concentrating on launches, which I think is one of the most exciting events you will ever see.

For the best results, click the image above the description to navigate to the highest resolution image we have. That higher-resolution image is the one you should use as desktop wallpaper.

Note: We will not produce a photo gallery in a zip file for several reasons, the most important of which is that each photo requires proper attribution, which is not feasible in a download. Very soon we will have a new modern gallery viewer that will make this a more pleasant experience, but until then you will have to exercise a bit of patience.

Credit: NASA

This gallery was originally published in October 2010.

By Mark Kaelin

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