NolaPro: The Right Tool for the Job?

Figure 1: Initial setup

By Jack Wallen

For many small- to medium-size businesses, point-of-sale software is often out of reach cost-wise. There are many solutions out there, but most are either unaffordable or too complex to use. Fortunately, companies like NolaPro are creating original and affordable open-source tools to meet the needs of small to medium business POS. Is NolaPro the Right Tool for the Job? Let's find out.

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The first step is to unpack the tar ball file. The unpacked tarball will create a new folder called nolapro_XXX (Where XXX is the release number.) Inside of that folder will be two files and another folder named nolapro. Move the nolapro folder into your Apache document root and point your browser to http://ADDRESS_OF_SERVER/nolapro (where ADDRESS_OF_SERVER is the actual IP address or domain of the hosting server. Once there you will see the window shown in Figure 1.

By Jack Wallen

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