On the scene: The World Series of Video Games

Now THIS is gaming

This was by far the coolest gaming rig at the event, and was owned by the most talkative man I've met in a long time. It may seem like an ordinary computer, but check out what I've highlighted.

His game of choice was a military flight sim called Lock On. He explained to me that he is a member of a "squadron" that stages large-scale aerial battles. The geek is strong with this one.

A: This touchscreen presents the in-flight controls just like you would see in the actual fighter.

B & C: The flight stick and yoke are modeled after the same flight stick used in an F-14 fighter. They are made of solid steel and weigh a metric ton.

D & E: Perhaps the coolest part of his rig is the infrared head tracking system. Using the the IR sensor on his monitor (D) and the reflector on his hat (E), his point of view follows where his head is looking when in flight. Meaning he can look up, down, left, and right by simply turning his head slightly. Very cool.

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