Photos: 10 privacy apps that help mobile users feel safer


Blur offers a variety of privacy features, all rolled into a single app. It can generate and autofill passwords, mask email addresses, block trackers, create masked credit card numbers (similar to Privacy), and set up masked phone numbers.

Those last two features--creating masked credit card numbers and setting up masked phone numbers--are only available to premium subscribers, who will have to pay $39/year for those privileges. Premium also adds backup and sync functions to Blur so that you can use it on multiple devices.

Despite its premium-only shortcomings, Blur is a solid app if for no other reason than its email masking; with the random addresses it creates, you can ensure your actual address doesn't end up being deluged with spam when a website sells your information.

Blur is available for iOS and Android, as well as in other formats like browser add-ons and a web client.

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Image: Abine, Inc.

By Brandon Vigliarolo

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