Photos: 20 cool technologies that didn't pan out

Intel Compute Card

Intel Compute Card was an attempt to stuff a CPU, RAM, and Flash storage in the size of roughly six credit cards stacked together. The back of the Compute Card had a connector which allowed it to be plugged into a dock, which breaks out extra USB and Ethernet connectors, as well as video output.

The dock was also instrumental for cooling, as the card itself had no particular way to dissipate heat, making it necessary to wait for the card to turn off for some time before handling. Four variants were unveiled at CES 2017, but little mention of them was made afterward. It is still possible to buy Compute Cards, though the price for performance does not make it particularly compelling.

Image: Intel Corporation

By James Sanders

James Sanders is an analyst for 451 Research. He was formerly a Staff Technology Writer for TechRepublic.