Photos: The 10 hottest tablets of 2011

2. HP TouchPad

I think we can safely call this one the "X factor." Even after Hewlett-Packard officially unveiled its webOS tablet on February 9, there are still two big questions hanging out there - when exactly will it arrive ("summer" is all we know) and how much will it cost? This product has been in the works since HP bought Palm last summer. Putting the resources of HP behind the massive potential of webOS could be great combination. Also, don't forget that HP has a decade of experience building tablet hardware -- even if it was as part of the long defeat for Microsoft's Tablet PC. HP's new TouchPad is 9.7-inch tablet with lots of high-end features, but it doesn't have much to distinguish it from Apple or Android and that could hurt. The tablet will likely succeed or fail based on price. If it is comparable to the iPad ($500) while offering a stronger feature-set, it has a shot. If it's more expensive than the iPad then it could struggle. Still, the WebOS is a natural fit for tablets and the TouchPad could potentially trump the iPad in true multitasking, better integrated notifications, and messaging.

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