Photos: The 11 least secure connected devices

8. Smart door locks

"There has been a lot of discussion around the hacking of connected devices to obtain sensitive information and data, and it seems that smart door locks have been at the center of this," Randy Petersen, senior sales engineer at Utimaco, said. "These connected home security devices are vulnerable to begin with since they have a very low-end networking and or radio device handling the task of managing the lock, and controlling the access using some form of multi factor authentication."

Like other consumer-centric items, it seems the cheaper the item is, the more vulnerable it is. Petersen recommends researching the device's security--it may lead someone to buy a more expensive, albeit more secure, model.

Image: iStockphoto/cgj0212

By Olivia Krauth

Olivia Krauth is an Education Reporter at Insider Louisville.