Photos: Top 10 cybersecurity issues to watch in 2016

7: Lax IoT security will become apparent.

The IoT device onslaught is coming, however, not this year. "We do not expect attacks on the IoT to become widespread yet. Most attacks are likely to be 'whitehat' hacks to report vulnerabilities and proof of concept exploits," Michael Fimin writes in this Netwrix Community column.

That will not be the case in 2016, especially if the bad guys read articles like John Dixon's Who Will Step Up To Secure The Internet Of Things?

"If today's titans of technology won’t step up to secure the IoT, that endeavor may fall to the multitude of startup companies that are fueling much of the industry's current growth," mentions Dixon. "Gartner estimates by 2017, more than half of all IoT products and services will be developed by companies less than three years old. Moreover, while some of these newcomers are likely to have formidable technical expertise, many will lack the know-how or capability to implement the tight security that is needed."

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By Michael Kassner

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