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Rail, auto, and aviation innovations at The Henry Ford history museum

Tech of the past: Ford V-8

The Model A was, unfortunately, short-lived. Beginning to be outsold by Chevrolet in 1931, Henry Ford made his last innovation: the 1932 Ford V-8 cabriolet. Costing $610 (6.5 months average salary) and having 65 horsepower, this Ford was a workingman's muscle car. Gaining fame for their fast speed, Henry Ford received a letter from Clyde Barrow raving about using these as getaway cars.

Unfortunately, throughout the 30s, Ford resisted changing several components of his cars to keep up with his competitors and the technology available at the time. This resulted in Fords being regularly outsold by Chevrolets. By the 1940s, Ford was producing B-24 bombers instead of automobiles in order to support the war effort. Following the war, and Edsel Ford's untimely death, Henry Ford II (Henry's grandson) took over the company.

Photo by Wally Bahny for TechRepublic

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