Set up regular automated backups with Windows Home Server

Set up backup schedule

After this you will need to configure the timing and schedule of your backups, along with how long you wish to save your backups for. You get to this menu by clicking the gear logo near the top right of the Windows Home Console and going to the Computers and Backups tab.

The first thing you will need to do is to set the time period in which your backups will run. This period will need to be a time when your PCs will be on, and when there will be minimal activity. If you do not normally leave your computers on overnight, you will want to change this time to a period in which your computer will be on. If you computer is not on during this period the backup will not occur, and your data will not be protected.

You will also need to set your retention policy on your backups. Simply put this is how long the backups you make will be available to you. The more storage you have in your home server, the longer you can keep your backups. Simply set the amount of time you want your monthly, weekly, and daily backups to be stored on the server. The Home Server will then automatically delete the older backups as the newer ones become available.

After this is completed you can then perform a manual backup of your computer, or you can wait for the scheduled backup to occur. If you wish to perform a manual backup, then you will simply right click the machine in the Computers & Backups tab of the Home Server Console, and select backup now.