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The Drive Tools - Manage tab contains a host of commands you will need when you select a drive in Computer

The Network group contains Access Media, which allows you to connect to the media shares on other computers on your network, the Map network drive, which allows you to assign drive letters to a network share, and the Add a network location command, which launches the Add Network Location wizard that you can use to connect to a cloud site, an FTP site, or a network location.

The System group allows you to easily tap into the Control Panel, launch the Uninstall Program tool, or access a System screen just like the one you access in Windows 7 by right clicking on Computer and selecting Properties. The Manage command conveniently launches the Computer Management console, where you can access such things a Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, and Device Manager.

Drive Tools - Manage tab

Selecting the Manage tab, as shown in Figure B, provides you with access to a set of commands you commonly need to use when working with drives. You'll notice that this contextual tab is highlighted with an additional green tab titled Drive Tools to make it stand out. This tab contains three groups: Protect, Manage, and Media.

As you can see, the commands in Media group in my screen shot are inactive, but they become active when you select the appropriate type of drive, such as a USB thumb drive or a DVD-R disc.

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