Slideshow: Quick networking mapping with PushD and PopD

Mapping a network drive with the PushD and PopD commands is a piece of cake

Mapping network drives

In addition to making it easy to change back and forth between directories, the PushD and PopD commands also work with network paths. When working with network paths, the syntax for the PushD command is:

pushd \\Server\Share\path

Where \\Server\Share\path is the network resource to which you want to map a drive letter. As soon as you use it, the PushD command will instantly map a drive letter to the network resource and then change to that drive right in the Command Prompt window. When you're done, just type PopD and the mapped drive letter will be disconnected and you'll return to your original drive.

Keep in mind that, the PushD command allocates drive letters from Z: on down and will use the first unused drive letter that it finds.

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