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SolutionBase: Configuring Novell Open Enterprise Server for the first time

Provide a strong root password to protect your system from attacks

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In the previous article in this series, you learned about the base installation for Novell's Open Enterprise Server (SP2). Due to space, that article ended after the base installation was complete, but before you server was fully configured. In this article, I will walk through the initial configuration of your Open Enterprise Server system and provide you with some configuration tips along the way.

Configuring Novell Open Enterprise Server

Your first order of configuration business is to provide a password for the root user account. Bear in mind that this is the almighty account on your new system, so try to use something other than 'password'! By default, your password will be encrypted with DES, but you can use MD5 or Blowfish by clicking the Expert Options button and choosing a different method. Above shows you the password screen.