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SolutionBase: Configuring Novell Open Enterprise Server for the first time

Hardware configuration is the last step of your initial system configuration

I'm not going to go over the remaining OES services. Any that I need for examples later in the series, I will configure on as as-needed basis. For now, the defaults are adequate. Click Next on the Installation Settings window to proceed with the configuration of these services as defined. Note that saving this configuration information can take a very, very long time, particularly when YaST configures the iManager plug-ins. Just be patient (unlike me) and the configuration tool will eventually finish its job.

After what seems an eternity, YaST displays a screen chock full of release notes, which I am not going to show here. Click Next on this screen to move on to the final step in your system installation--device configuration.
The Hardware Configuration screen for my system gives me options to configure three devices: my display adapter, printer and sound card. This is the screen shown above.

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