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SolutionBase: Configuring Novell Open Enterprise Server for the first time

There are a number of options on the Network Configuration screen

Each of these encryption options is better than the once preceding it. DES is the weakest algorithm, but it often used even on newer servers in order to maintain compatibility between older and newer systems. For maximum security, the general consensus is to use Blowfish encryption when possible. I have changed my password encryption method to MD5 in order to allow for passwords longer than eight characters in length.

The SuSE configuration next asks that you provide details about your system's network connectivity and to provide information regarding remote management capability. On this step, you can configure any type of network connection, from an Ethernet adapter to an ISDN modem and can also configure proxy services for your server. The two items you do not see listed above are "Proxy" and "VNC Remote Administration".

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