SolutionBase: Creating users and printers in Open Enterprise Server Administrative Tasks

iManager requires that you log in as a user in eDirectory

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Novell's Open Enterprise Server is very different from other Linux distributions as it contains some powerful commercial administrative software designed to ease the task of maintaining an enterprise-level environment. In this article and the next article, I'll go over some common tasks that you can tackle using Open Enterprise Server tools.

Author's Note

Because this is a series about Open Enterprise Server, you won't see much of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server's innards discussed here. In these examples, the use of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server is simply to deliver to additional capability provided by Open Enterprise Server.

Finally, client examples will focus on Windows XP, not on a Linux desktop. Windows on the server side is not quite a pervasive as Windows on the desktop and many companies continue to run either NetWare or Open Enterprise Server to manage their Windows environments.

Using iManager

Just about all of your server's management tasks can be handled via Novell's iManager product. I installed it at the same time I installed Open Enterprise Server and will be using iManager for all of the examples in this article, where appropriate. You could also use Novell's ConsoleOne client-based application to manage your network, but I have opted for iManager for this article.

To use iManager, browse to https://{name or IP of your server}/ips. You will get a screen similar to the one shown above, on which you need to provide credentials that have rights to administer your server and directory.