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SolutionBase: Managing simple file rights in Open Enterprise Server

Log in to your server using an administrative account

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In the previous article in this series, you learned how to create and manage users and printers using the iManager component of Novell's Open Enterprise Server. In this article, you'll learn the next step: Managing volume and access rights. Tangentially, you'll also see the Novell Client and be exposed to some other ways to manage your environment.

Author's Note

As before, client examples will focus on Windows XP, not on a Linux desktop. Windows on the server side is not quite a pervasive as Windows on the desktop and many companies continue to run either NetWare or Open Enterprise Server to manage their Windows environments.

Directory and file rights

There are a lot of ways to get things done with just about any operating system and Open Enterprise Server isn't an exception. In the case of file and volume rights, you could use a tool such as iManager or ConsoleOne to set some of the rights you need, but a much less painful option is to simply install the Novell client on a Windows workstation and manage rights from there.

Download the latest Novell client for Windows from here. Install the client onto your Windows machine. After the installation completes, you'll need to reboot your workstation and log into eDirectory (or directly into your Open Enterprise Server system) using an account that has administrative rights.