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SolutionBase: Migrating a SQL Server database to MySQL 5.0

Connecting to the Northwind database through a Microsoft SQL Server connection

Example: Migrating the sample Northwind database

In the descriptions below, the Northwind sample database from SQL Server 2000 is converted to MySQL via the MySQL Migration Toolkit. The migration was performed from SQL Server 2005 to MySQL 5.0, both running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 systems. (Northwind does not come standard in SQL Sever 2005, but can be installed via a free download from Microsoft.)

To start the Toolkit, go to the Start menu, All Programs, MySQL, and select MySQL Migration Toolkit. The initial splash screen checks that the Java Runtime Environment is present and at the correct version. Click Next to begin the migration process.


The first step is to specify source and target database connection information. On the first screen of this step, indicate whether you will be performing a direct migration, or one that is agent-based. Agent-based migration enables you to have a third machine perform the migration, by installing an agent program on one of the other two machines (Source or Target). This involves a lot of network overhead, and so the direct approach is preferable.

Next, you identify the source database by type and connection parameters. The supported types, chosen from dropdown list, are MS Access, MS SQL Server, another MySQL server (such as an older release), Oracle, and a generic JDBC connection. This latter option lets you migrate data from other database systems not listed above, as long as they have a JDBC driver. Above shows a Microsoft SQL Server connection to Northwind.