SolutionBase: Protect your workstation with Windows XP SP2's Data Execution Prevention technology

Enabling hardware-enforced DEP is a simple procedure

Enabling hardware-enforced DEP

If the processor in a computer running Windows XP SP2 is capable of providing hardware-enforced DEP, you definitely want to enable it. Doing so may actually save your system someday. For instance, during the recent outbreak of the WMF exploit, many fellow techs reported that software-enforced DEP alone was unable to thwart the exploit, but that hardware-enforced DEP, when enabled, was able to protect systems. (Keep in mind that regardless of whether hardware-enforced DEP offered protection from the WMF exploit, you should visit Windows/Microsoft Update and get the patch!)

Fortunately, enabling hardware-enforced DEP is easy. To do so, just access the Data Execution Prevention tab and select the Turn On DEP For All Programs And Services Except Those I Select option, as shown here.

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