Spybot Search & Destroy: The Right Tool for the Job?

Spybot: Installation

by Paul Mah

Many anti-virus software apps do a good job of cleaning up viruses and Trojans, but only relatively recently have utilities begun to effectively address the newer threat vector of spyware and adware. Paul Mah tests the popular, free anti-spyware app, Spybot Search & Destroy. Is it worthy of a place in your computer first-aid box?

Read a concise summary of Spybot Search & Destroy's strengths and weaknesses in this blog post.

Download a free copy of Spybot Search & Destroy from the TechRepublic Software Library.


Spybot has support for many languages. You are prompted for your preferred language at the start of the installation process.

Paul Mah is a writer and blogger who lives in Singapore, where he has worked for a number of years in various capacities within the IT industry. Paul enjoys tinkering with tech gadgets, smartphones, and networking devices.